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A 17 year old schoolgirl was given a spiked drink at a party to celebrate her AS level exam results. She was unconscious when 2 men raped her. One of the men was the brother of a Freemason. In November last year after 15 years of wondering why the men who subjected her to such a violent ordeal were never brought to court for the child rape attack on her and why they were also able to get away with a witness intimidation attack on her family's home a few month later when during a 2 am visit the men smashed up her father's car which was an insurance write off and threatened to kill her for reporting them to the police accusing them of child rape. she had a meeting with the police at Nuneaton Police station where she was told that Rugby police had not disclosed digital evidence Her family had been subjected to lies about this missing evidence Her father was subjected to a whole series of false arrests & harassment by the police who obstructed the justice system by ignoring the family's complaints. He had studied law so knew police officers were not telling him the truth. He knew the missing evidence showing one of the men was lying about texts he claimed were sent to him by the teenager would have caused the CPS to bring the men before a court of law. Any court hearing that a man accused of rape was telling lies about having consent for sex would be very likely to find the man guilty of rape. But because the Freemasons were involved the powers that be covered this up even when BBC News became involved. Despite admitting that important evidence had not been handed to the CPS. Warwickshire Police refuse to reopen the case. Theresa May's government has also refused to do anything about this case even though police had broken the law. So now you are asked to make a donation in order to take the UK government to the International Court in the Hague for breaching the 1948 UN Convention on Human Rights on the grounds that Freemasons in the justice system are denying victims of serious crimes their Human Rights by letting police tamper with evidence. The UK has no Independent organisation to investigate criminal activities in the police and the criminal justice system. So please help fund action against the UK government.

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email info@campaign4realjustice.org.uk