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I set up the campaign in March 2003 as a private charity.
My family had been victims of serious crimes involving a man villagers had reported to the police in 1996 for dealing heroin to local young people. We were told by our village policeman that a court had sent the man to prison for drug dealing as the officer had seized a kilo of heroin. But years later the local CPS boss Mark Lynn said the man had only gone to a young offenders institute for a few weeks as he had pleaded Guilty to possession of drugs for his own use.(The Kilo of heroin had gone missing.)
Soon the young man was back on the street dealing heroin to our young people.
My only aim is to expose the non-disclosure of evidence by a number of Warwickshire police officers & the then cover up by a number of local politicians who got onto Warwickshire Police Authority. They were either involved with the Coventry airport smuggling gang or were members of the Freemasons.
Under the 1985 Prosecution of offenders Act the police are legally required to pass all evidence to the CPS. In Warwickshire police officers have not been doing that they have also been telling the CPS lies about what witness statements were about.
In my family’s case they had told the CPS that our 5 statements were about criminal damage to a car when they were about witness intimidation after two members of the gang came to our home at 2am in the morning and smashed my car up and threatened to kill us as they knew we had reported them to Rugby police a few hours earlier. My car was an insurance write off.
Following the involvement of the media (The Mail on Sunday mention my name in their main editorial criticising Warwickshire Police.) At a meeting with the Deputy Chief Constable Derek Cake in December 2003 a Rugby police Inspector admitted they had told the CPS the crime that night was only criminal damage to a car so two members of Christopher Barratt-Jolley’s smuggling gang escaped a likely prison sentence because of bungling Rugby police. But it wasn’t incompetence one of those men was blackmailing local coppers who he knew had been dishonest.
Some years earlier the coppers had found drugs and a fortune in bank notes belonging to the smugglers and as it was 4 days till Christmas decided to save on unnecessary paperwork by destroying the drugs and dividing up the cash as a sort of Christmas bonus for all the hard work they had done that year.
They had no idea the money was fake until after they had spent it and the governments security services wanted to know why local businesses were banking loads of counterfeit money.

To make a donation please send a cheque made payable to:
Mr D J Sampson to 81 Heath Lane, Brinklow, Rugby CV 23 0NX
or by bankers draft sort code 40-18-17 account no 51155318.
I am aiming to take the UK government to the International Court in the Hague for breaching the 1948 UN Convention on Human Rights for allowing children to be raped by people connected with the Freemasons and for breaching the Magna Carta as since I went to the media in 2003 I have been subjected to serious human rights abuse by Warwickshire police which has included:- False arrests, Being beaten up in the street (Milkman Dennis Whitmore saw them do it.)False imprisonment without access to a lawyer Warwickshire police use an Eastern European Psychiatrist to section people they have arrested she does exactly what the police tell her to do. So people who complain about the police are arrested on bogus charges denied access to their lawyer and then imprisoned without trial which is a breach of Magna Carta.
The British government has no means by which victims of crime can do anything about police corruption to the IOPC (or to the former IPCC)their complaints are referred to the Professional Standards Department. In the case of Warwickshire Police Professional Standards Department a former Rugby Police Inspector Peter Brown is a member of staff so he rejects all complaints about his former colleagues.
If I have more money than needed to gain justice the surplus will be given to the charities The Survivor Trust ROSA & Women against Rape.

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This information will be updated when I have the funds to bring legal action against the UK government or when they take action against the people who have caused me so much distress by their illegal activities.
email enquiries@campaign4realjustice.co.uk